1 "Sky On The Web" allows to control one or more telescopes via Internet.
2 The user, when entering in "Sky On The Web", has to pay attention of the correct use of his userid and password and is responsible for any disclosure.
3 The user purchase a number of points to be used in during the nights when "Sky On The Web" is "online".
4 "Sky On The Web" in "online" if weather conditions are good, and only during the hours of darkness.
5 "Sky on the Web" can be inactivated by the administrator, without any notice to users, in case of ordinary or extraordinary maintenance of the system, or for other reasons; the user can not in any case require activation, even if the weather would permit it.
6 In case of failure, malfunction or bad weather conditions, occurring during the observing sessions, "Sky On The Web" automatically returns the corresponding unused points to the user, sending him an e-mail.
7 In case of improper and harmful use of "Sky On The Web" by the user, the administrator can disable the account without notice, and has not to return the money corresponding to the points not yet used.
8 Images taken during the “Sky on the Web” sessions are user’s property. In the case of public use of such images (to be published in journals, books or web), the user must put the reference to the site of "Sky On The Web".
9 In the case of astronomical discovery or scientific publication of results obtained using the "Sky On The Web" images, the user agrees to put the reference to the name of the observatory.
10 "Sky on the Web" administrator, in case of public use of the images taken by the user, has to request the authorization.
11 In the absence of specific denial, these conditions are considered to be accepted by the user.
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